Reading Guide Billionaire Spy

Here are some tips on what to read in what order for the Billionaire Spy Series

The Billionaire Spy Series is a world onto itself, with a rich cast of characters, all of them interrelated.

Our primary Hero and Heroine are Will and Mariana. Their story starts with Book One: Secrets and Seduction. It's a sweet-hot read that sets-up the stories that follow. However, each book in the series is a complete adventure, taking us from one crisis that the lovers confront to a happy for now conclusion. Codes and Consequences, Book 2, picks up shortly after the end of Book One as the couple begins their life together, trying to work out the kinks in a long-distance relationship. Pride and Punishment Book 3, picks up just after that and ties up a number of loose ends in the world of Will and Mariana with big reward for all their trouble. You can enjoy each book independently, but the best experience comes from reading Books 1-3 in order. You can get started with Book One on Kindle Unlimited, or buy it for 99¢.

Charlie's Hawks

Books 4, 5 and 6 are independent stories, based in this same world, that follow the love affairs of three separate sets of supporting characters. All of them are killer stories, because they involve Charlie's Hawks—a private special forces and VIP protection firm. They are stand-alone love stories, each with an HEA. They also have darker themes, elements of danger, possible triggers, and are generally more intense than Books 1-3.

The Unkindness, Book 4, follows the relationship between Cailean "Charlie" Green (Will's best friend and right hand man) and Sandy Fine (Mariana's business partner). It is a very dark and very hot book and happens to be one of my favourites. (Okay, I love them all, but this one just... it's special). If you are comfortable with darker themes, more intense BDSM play, and a bit of violence, then you might love this book as much as I do. It takes place during the same timeline as Books 1-3, though it's all about Charlie and Sandy, and it does introduce new characters who have roles to play in Books 5 and 6. You can enjoy Book 4 on its own merit, without having to read the rest of the series, but there are Easter eggs inside for series readers.

The Cauldron, Book 5 is also an independent story. Here we meet Angel Fleming (Mariana's body guard in Los Angeles, a former Navy SEAL, and Charlie's right hand in the Hawks) and Marisol Gutierrez who have much more in common than either of them imagine. Their love affair is intense and introduces us to more of the Flemming clan, which will be a treat for series readers. However, this book stands on its own. The storyline is not impacted very much by whatever is going on with the other characters in this world. The world timeline is from the beginning of Book One through to around Book Two.

COMING in September: The Watch, Book 6, a very steamy menage, will answer a lingering question in the subplot from Book 4—what the heck happened to the rose girl? Even if you haven't read Book 4 you will enjoy Book 6. It stands on its own, but it couldn't hurt to read both Book 4 and Book 6 together.

COMING in November: Book 7 brings all our chickens home to roost for Will and Mariana. It's a heck of a dark and twisted tale, and I'll tell you more about it soon.

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