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Every book is an intimate affair.

Jerks of Miami Series
Muy Caliente

The Jerks of Miami is a six-book series of alpha male romances.  All the Jerks of Miami books are intimate "confessionals" told by our feisty heroines, describing the challenges and pleasures of taming (and being tamed by) their beasts. Each story stands alone, but combined they paint a full picture of life and love in South Florida.

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Reader Contest

VENGAGED /v/ - a portmanteau of engaged and vengeance.

That is what our protagonist has in mind when she’s forced to marry the bully who made her life hell.

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Keeping with the intense heat and strong storms of Miami in August, the first book in this series Bound to the Jerk is full of lightning and thunder. It takes enemies to lovers to a fresh level and re-defines pirates as you thought you knew them.


This contemporary romance is an engagement in vengeance, a marriage of inconvenience. A bully and his victim are brought together by need, desire, and deception.


Warning: This dark mafia romance contains elements which may trigger some readers.

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This book is a Persephone retelling set in South Florida and the Caribbean, involving the criminal activities of the Russian mafia. It contains dark elements and triggers including consensual non-consent, self-harm, edgy BDSM, power exchange, human trafficking, and extreme violence.



Age gap romance between a grumpy boss and his feisty temp.


This sweet-hot age gap romance is a retelling of the fable of the shepherd and the lion, and a fresh take on grumpy bosses. The passionate tension between Conan and his Peanut is palpable throughout the pages of this slow-burn romance. When they finally come together, they set the world on fire while exploring his kink of having sex out in the open.

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The Jerks of Miami Complete Collection


Six steamy reads in a dark romance book bundle.


Need a sexy break?

Escape to Miami. 

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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” 

Anaïs Nin

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