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Cowboy on Horse



A Contemporary Bratva Daddy Western

Olivia Platt—formerly Anastasia Volokov—the worst waitress in Texas, saves the Hollywood actor Flint Montgomery from choking to death on a bite of fried pie. Who knew an act of kindness would alter her life again?

Alexei “Bo” Bogatyrev recognized Anastasia Volkov immediately when he arrived in Lagrimas to find work on the BRB Ranch. He’s not just a half-decent cowboy, but also Bratva — a former guard at her Pakhan father’s compound in Montauk, New York. He probably should have taken her right back to her father, but he’s always had other plans for Anastasia. Besides, Lagrimas and the ranch have grown on him. Her story about suffering amnesia after an accident is hard for him to swallow, and her stubborn insistence that she’s not Anastasia Volokov tries his patience.

When she goes viral for saving Flint, the threat she poses to the people of Lagrimas is very real. Soon her father’s men will descend on Lagrimas to drag her back home. Alexei intends to protect Anastasia from her father’s wrath. The men of the BRB Ranch have his back.

Anastasia sets her own escape plans in motion and earns an involuntary stay at the Wild Horses Institute on the BRB, which trains would-be Littles and matches them to their perfect Daddies. There, Alexei can watch over her while they address the threat she’s brought to the town.

Will Anastasia stop bucking the Bratva cowboy, embrace her inner Little, and learn to trust the man who wants to protect and care for her? Or will her wild nature kill them both?

This is book one in the Wild Horses of Lagrimas series and can be enjoyed independently.

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