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The Big Bad Fake-Out

I’m Charlotte Taylor, and I’m what my work frenemy Rachel Williams calls professionally pretty, but I’m no fool.


Working as a dancer at the Golden Clam club in North Miami Beach helps pay my way through school. I make no apologies for that. I can leap into a split and rise again on my toes like nobody’s business. I do not now, nor ever will, fall for love. I’ve got big plans and even bigger bills.

That’s why when Lucas Torres, the professional playboy and absolute jerk who comes to my show every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, offers me a fake date for money, I say sure. After all, it’s just his little sister’s wedding, and I don’t have any other plans for Saturday. It’s not my fault if everyone got the wrong idea about us, and now we’re fake entangled.

Do I feel a thrill and a bit of a chill each time he darkens my door for another fake-out? Yes. Does he make my breath catch when he gets all bossy and dominant on me? Also, yes. But that means nothing. When he finally ends this pretense, I’ll get over Lucas the jerk faster than I can spin upside down on a pole. Right? Yeah.

This is book five in the Jerks of Miami series and can be enjoyed independently.

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