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Fate brought me to him, but it was he who captured my heart.

When I fell asleep, I didn't expect to awaken in a dark, forbidden mansion, and I definitely didn't anticipate being rescued from a storm by a stern, smoking hot vampire. But here I am, my wet nightgown tossed aside, my naked body flushed despite the cold, and my bare bottom reddening rapidly under this infuriatingly sexy immortal's hard palm as I'm punished for my impertinence.
Even before he finishes uttering it, I know his warning never to return will not be heeded. Partly that's because I can't control where my dream walks take me even if I wanted to, but mainly it's due to the fact that I already find myself drawn to him in a way I am entirely powerless to resist.
It's as if fate has linked us so deeply, so intensely, that I'm his already.
Now all that remains is for him to claim me and teach me what it means to belong to him...

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