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Red Rose


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Hunted by sociopaths and loathed by the one man she should never have turned into an enemy, her life is forfeit. Can she find a new life when a killer comes to claim her?

The kitten, Pollyanna Sonnenschein, has made one poor decision after another in life. She is no longer a raven in the Unkindness, she has become the temporary plaything of the butcher Johny Black, and when a Hawk comes to claim her, she assumes the worst.

Rick Curtis goes against his boss’s better judgment by claiming the cast-out raven. Now he’s stuck with a delicious but dangerous pet, and he needs heavy backup to keep her from running away again. She’s probably more trouble than she’s worth, but at least she’s fun in bed.

The billionaire and international spy who operates as Jenkins only got into this messy affair as a favor. As he learns more about Polly, he soon realizes she’s an important asset, though she’s also a plague on mankind.
Under Jenkins’ watchful eye, Polly sees an opportunity for a new life and a chance to belong to someone. Can she overcome her animal nature and submit to the meanest, strictest Daddy in all the land, or will she languish as a plaything for Hawks and others until her dim and fragile light is finally put out?

This is book six in the Billionaire Spy Series, Charlie’s Hawks, and can be enjoyed independently.

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