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Sunset and Palm Trees


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Friends to Enemies to Lovers to... It's Complicated.

I’m Josie Whitty and I’m just trying to get through college without having a nervous breakdown, which isn’t easy when you have to work three jobs, pay your own way, and look after a mom who has totally fallen apart. I don’t have time for any nonsense. If the Tamiami campus Casanova—Antonio Prince—doesn’t leave me alone, I swear I’m going to put sugar in his gas tank. I don’t even know what he’s playing at coming after me like this, unless it’s all a trick, unless I’m some sort of bet he’s got going with his friends—a virgin to add to his long list of conquests.


Well, he’s got another think coming. If he wrestles with a Whitty, he’ll be dinner for gators. Whittys don’t mess around. When he shows up at our duplex in Sweetwater with a peace offering, I smell a rat, but Mom has other ideas. Now it seems I’m dating the jerk. That doesn’t mean I have to like him. Even if he’s desperately hot, and he makes my insides melt. Even if… No. Just. No. I’m smarter than that.

This is book four in the Jerks of Miami series and is a standalone with its own HEA.

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