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When a Grumpy Boss meets this feisty Latina, sparks fly in Hialeah.

I’m Ana Rosa Silva and I have one marketable skill – a knack for working with jerks, but never for long. When my Temp agency sends me on assignment for the biggest grouse in Miami, they make me a tempting offer: Convert to permanent and earn a $1,000 bonus. But working for Patrick Black—the grumpy boss who just took over a clothing factory in Hialeah—proves insufferable. This dominant Conan is just my type and pushes every button. I need to focus on work, but all he’s doing is turning me on.

Having an office romance is a big no-no. An office romance with a man more than twice my age is just a terrible idea. Falling for the jerk, whom everyone I work with hates, is crazy. But Patrick is everything I’ve ever dreamt of in a man. When he makes me an offer I can’t refuse, he also breaks my heart, but I’m determined to prove I’m up to the challenge. I think I can tame him before he tames me. As business and pleasure mingle to the point of torture, I have to decide. Will I come to my senses and make my own way, or fall on my knees for the jerk?

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