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Six Alpha jerks and the women who love them. All in one collection!

Bound to the Jerk


I’m Katrina Sanchez and I have to marry Mark Finley, the bully who made my life miserable in high school. I hate everything about Mark – his icy blue eyes, his sneering smile, his bulked-up tattooed body, his insufferable grumpiness and bossy attitude. But my dad is in real trouble and if I don’t marry Mark, Dad will lose everything.


Sinning with the Jerk

I’m Erik Rowland and when I first see Cynthia, I decide she’s mine. I’m not the person she thinks I am, I’m much darker, but together we become unstoppable. She awakens a part of me I don’t often show, if anyone harms her they’ll feel my wrath. I’m the only person who is allowed to cause her pain, thankfully, we both relish it.


Temping for the Jerk

Having an office romance is a big no-no. An office romance with a man more than twice my age is just a terrible idea. Falling for the jerk, whom everyone I work with hates, is crazy. But Patrick is everything I’ve ever dreamt of in a man. When he makes me an offer I can’t refuse, he also breaks my heart, but I’m determined to prove I’m up to the challenge. I think I can tame him before he tames me.


Hounded by the Jerk


When he shows up at our duplex in Sweetwater with a peace offering, I smell a rat, but Mom has other ideas. Now it seems I’m dating the jerk. That doesn’t mean I have to like him. Even if he’s desperately hot, and he makes my insides melt. Even if… No. Just. No. I’m smarter than that.


Faking with the Jerk

When Lucas Torres, the professional playboy and absolute jerk who comes to my show, offers me a fake date for money, I say, sure. After all, it’s just his little sister’s wedding. Do I feel a thrill and a bit of a chill each time he darkens my door for another fake-out? Yes. Does he make my breath catch when he gets all bossy and dominant on me? Also, yes.



Sheltered with the Jerk

After a college party that is mostly a blur, I find myself stuck in a stranger’s house as hurricane Hank tries to take the roof off. Juan Ruiz—said stranger —is being a total jerk about it too. Now, I’m stuck here in the Hank-pocalypse with mister bossy pants— Juan—who has all these ideas about how I should live my life. Who asked him, anyway? Me. I’m the idiot who asked for this. In my defense, Juan is intense and hot, and he turns my legs to jelly. But now, every time he barks an order, I can’t help answering, ‘Yes, sir.’ It’s becoming a bad habit. Please send help.

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