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A Bounty of Blood and Betrayal.jpg

All their secrets laid bare...

The Billionaire Spy, William Wilson Smith, has made some tough decisions with his rivals aiming for his heart. When the threat level rises, he takes his wife Mariana across the pond to the Greystone’s Castle Gwaed in Wales, but with their secrets exposed and allies revealed as foes, trouble flies wherever they go.

Mariana puts her sharpest crisis management skills to work in a daring play, but can Will live with the shame of this exposure of his secret organization? She knows she’s risking his temper with painful consequences, but she can’t just sit by when Will’s legacy is on the line. It goes against everything she stands for. She’s willing to use every tool at her disposal to help him survive the scheming of his rivals, whether he likes it or not. If it means earning a punishment from her husband, she’ll take it gladly.

Danger is coming from all sides, and no one is safe.

This is book seven in the Billionaire Spy series, with all your favorite characters and enough details for even the first-time series reader.

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