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The Resolution Cover 2022.png

The Resolution: A Sexy New Year's Novella

Limited Edition

Available FREE Until January 31, 2023.
Then it goes back into the vault!

Alicia Roux has filed for divorce, but Clark Roux is not ready to give up. When he learns that she writes dark erotica under a pen name, he decides it's time to reveal his own secret. He's a former Dom who gave up the lifestyle for her sake.

Clark takes his wife to the BDSM-themed Black Bear Lodge in up-state New York for an end-of-year celebration Alicia will not soon forget. But some terms of Clark's new D/s contract run afoul of her independent streak.  

Can Alicia handle a new life as Clark's full-time submissive, or will reality prove too much for this kinky author's fancy?


This contemporary romance contains explicit scenes and uneven power exchange. It is intended for adult readers.

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