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New from fiery romance author Amaryllis Lanza, published by Stormy Night Publications, Claimed by Fate: An Alpha Shifter Romance is book one in a paranormal romance series like no other.


Alpha male shifters, vampires, warlocks and more have made their home in the cursed town of Everlasting Springs, FL. All of them are blazing hot and deadly, especially when it comes to protecting their fated mates. 



The Wolf's possession: A Dark shifter Romance

He's trying to solve a murder. She's haunted by the dead man. Can these fated mates come together? Can Everlasting Springs survive when they do? 

Copy of Captive of the Night Facebook Post.png


Captive of the Night: A Dark Paranormal Romance

He's the vampire who guards the Fountain of Youth. 

She's the daughter of the powerful Meso-American mother goddess who lords over Everlasting Springs. 

What could go wrong?



Claimed by Fate: An Alpha Shifter Romance

A moon like no other.

An Alpha wolf watches over a cursed territory.

The fated mate he sent away returns and refuses to leave.

Now he will claim her, whether she likes it or not.

Meet Paul Arrow, Alpha Wolf Shifter and Guardian of Everlasting Springs


Taller, wider and more muscular than any man needs to be, he shifts seamlessly between his human form, his werewolf form and a black wolf with sharp teeth and sharper claws. Paul's a hard knot to swallow and Amalia will have to take all of it.

Image by Cláudia Back

Meet Amalia Ruiz new owner of Circle Books, Paul Arrow's reluctant fated mate.

A feisty red-head in human form, and white wolf by nature. Amalia was raised outside the pack and hasn't quite settled into her wolf. Her werebitch phase is out of control. She's already killed once, and may kill again. But that's not even half of what makes Paul's fated mate terrifyingly dangerous. He will have to force Amalia to accept her destiny and control her weird magic, or all of Everlasting could suffer. 

everlasting springs, Florida

Hidden between walls of Bougainvillea and a river that isn't on the map, Everlasting Springs is a magical Venus flytrap of a town, lost in time, full of secrets, including the one everyone alive would want to get their hands on.


Paul Arrow protects them all, and on the blood moon Amalia may break them free. But not if she breaks first.

If you miss Bon Temps, Louisiana take a trip to this unexpected Florida treasure.


Careful. You might never leave.

Image by Liza Springer

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