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Love Bites: Building the Paranormal Romance World of Everlasting Springs

Stuck in the lost town of Everlasting Springs, FL, along with my favorite characters.

I have good news for those who have already read Claimed by Fate: An Alpha Shifter Romance, Book One of my Everlasting Springs Alpha-male Paranormal Romance Series. Book Two is going through editorial review with my publishers at Stormy Night Publications. Book Three is coming along nicely—almost done.

Spending so much time lost in this little town, I’m learning more about its residents than I knew when I first drafted these stories years ago. Like my Billionaire Spy Series, this paranormal romance languished on my computer, waiting for me to be ready to dive deep into world-building.

I was inspired to write Everlasting Springs based on somewhere I lived for a while when I was in Florida. When I first drafted the stories that led to these books, I visualized these characters living there. I made a map of the fictional town based on the sites that stuck most with me from that place. I imagined the people I met while I lived there as the background characters that framed the neighborly feel of the town. But the world of Everlasting Springs is like a nautilus. There are many hidden layers and chambers to be uncovered.

Everlasting Springs is the ideal place to explore magical possibilities, and the result so far has been gratifying. As a huge fan of PNR, I wanted to write something I’d longed to read which wasn’t available. That’s the treat of being a writer. When a particular type of story is missing, you make it up.

I have my views on the nature of werewolves, vampires, shifters, fae, and other magical creatures you wouldn’t imagine were all stuck together in this lost little town. These characters are both powerful and vulnerable. They’re passionate, animalistic, and sometimes feral. They live by different rules, guided by their natures, and those natures are in constant conflict. Don’t expect them to conform to convention. They will do what their natures demand.

I knew the stakes should be high—the town’s very survival, the risk that the outside world would infiltrate and ruin it, that magical beings could become extinct. Then I decided the town’s people should have a role to play in whatever happens to them and a hard deadline to make it happen. That’s how the blood moon ritual came about. It’s where they are all headed. With each book, they come closer to understanding what the blood moon ritual means for them. This deadline becomes the foundation for new relationships and new tensions in the town. It also reveals more secrets about how Everlasting Springs came to be, who these characters are, and what they do when fate ignores their wishes and twists their plans into knots.

These books are intense, so please note the trigger warnings. The first book includes dubcon and CNC kinks. The strong language fits the intensity of the story and the nature of the characters. I’ll tell you more about the others when they publish, but all these books include elements of power exchange, often uneven, and they are graphic. If you’re not comfortable with these themes or story elements, you may not enjoy the books. That’s okay. There are plenty of books to read that are milder. I’ve even written some of them.

What do you enjoy most about reading paranormal romance books? What stories do you wish were out there but can’t find?


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