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Readers' Circle Exclusive Extended Sample

The Wolf's Flame, Everlasting Springs Book Four

Consuelo crossed her arms over herself and gave me a hard look, as if I’d just showed up in her class without doing my homework.

“It’s up to you, Andrew,” she said, her tone hard. “If you’re too scared to find out, then just take me to Mama’s place. I will not beg you, if that’s what you expect.”

I came closer to her, stroking her hair. “Let’s get something clear between us, darling. I could make you beg me, if that’s what I decided you needed to do. I’m a man and a wolf, not a child in your class. I’ll always be in charge.”

“Fine,” Consuelo said, opening the door to the car.
I grabbed her arm. “What are you doing?”
“I’m walking home.” She tried to pull away, but I wasn’t letting go.
“Don’t be ridiculous, Consuelo. You can’t walk home with all this happening.”
“No one will hurt me,” Consuelo said. “I’m not defenseless, Andrew.”

I couldn’t say whether it was the years of longing for Consuelo that worked on me, or my

pent-up anger at the panther’s threat back in Orlando, or whatever effect Lola’s magic had on the town. Maybe all of it combined into a volatile soup of lust and aggression. I reached around Consuelo to shut the car door again, and pulled her into my arms to kiss her fiercely, letting her know she wasn’t going anywhere unless I allowed it. Her hands pushed against my chest. Her pride would not allow her to submit immediately. But soon she softened, melting into my embrace. Her tongue danced with mine, each of us savoring the other. She mewled as her need intensified. Her hands threaded through my hair and caressed the back of my neck. I cupped her breast over her blouse and thumbed the hard nipple the fabric between us could not retain. She moaned against my lips. My cock threatened to burst the seams of my jeans.

I’d had enough of aching for Consuelo at this point. I let her go and started my car again, ignoring the chaos around us and driving to my house on the banks of the Hasi River at the edge of town. Consuelo said nothing the rest of the way, but she snuggled against me on the seat, her head resting against my arm and her hand stroking the bulge on my jeans. The woman was trying to kill me.

As soon as I parked in my carport, I got my revenge by kissing her deep and pinching one of her nipples. She responded by rubbing my earlobe between her thumb and forefinger, sending a shot of heat that ran through my body, igniting like a sparkler at the base of my spine. I broke away from the kiss, stepped out of the car, and pulled her through the driver’s side, tossing her over my shoulder. The minx laughed and slapped my ass while I wrestled with my keys to unlock the kitchen door.

“Behave, Consuelo, or you will be sorry,” I warned her, with a hard swat on her rear to make it clear I meant business.

“Oooh, I’m scared!” she giggled. “Is the big bad wolf going to eat me now?”

No one would have believed me if I told them Consuelo could be so wild. To see her every day—the graceful and proper second grade teacher—it didn’t seem possible she had this feral woman trapped inside her. Some might have said she had succumbed to the effect of Lola’s summer wine, but I suspected that this was the true face of my mate—carefree and passionate... and a bit of a brat. I was a lucky son of a bitch. I had never imagined myself being happy with an overly docile mate. A challenge the size of Consuelo Vazquez was just right for me.

After closing the door, I smacked her ass hard, which only made her giggle more, and walked to the bedroom with her hanging over my back, tapping my ass like a bongo drum.

I pulled back the covers of my bed and laid her down on the mattress. Consuelo unbuttoned her cream silk blouse as I removed my jacket and pulled my t-shirt off.

“Stop,” I ordered. “I want to do that.”
She rested on her elbows and gave me a wicked grin. “Okay, boss.”

I kicked off my boots, and shimmied out of my jeans, relieving some of the pressure on my

cock, and finally removed my shorts to set it free. I leaned over Consuelo on the bed, tearing her blouse open. A stray pearl button flew off and clinked against the rust ceramic base of the lamp on my nightstand before getting lost in the plush beige carpet. Consuelo took a deep breath, leaned her head back, and parted her legs, making room for me to climb on the bed and kneel between them. I kissed and nipped at her neck and shoulders as I pushed the torn blouse out of my way then pulled the garment off her completely to work on her bra. Her breasts were wondrous, generous and firm, her pink areolae puckered and her nipples pebbled like fresh raspberries inviting me to taste them. I took one of her nipples into my mouth while twisting the other between my thumb and forefinger.

Consuelo sighed and arched her back. I trailed kisses up her chest to her neck before claiming her mouth again. My free hand worked its way down to reach under her skirt and between her legs, where her panties barred my access to her slick petals. I growled. In the future, I would forbid her from wearing undergarments. I wanted her pussy to be available to me without interference day and night.

But I was getting ahead of myself.

I slipped my fingers under the fabric of the gusset and stroked her wet folds, dipping a finger into the warm channel I wanted desperately to fill with my cock and pressing her nub with my thumb. She sighed for me, and I bit her lip. I rose to pull off her paisley skirt and panties, then dipped my head between her legs to sup on her sweet honey and nibble on her clit.

“Oh, heavens, Andrew,” she sighed as I brought her to the edge, lathering her with my tongue. “Holy fuck.” Her thighs tried to press together as the wave of orgasm overtook her, but I kept them open as I pushed myself up to kiss her.

Her cheeks glowed pink with passion and a light dew covered her skin. She grabbed my cock with an eager hand and brought it to her opening. “Give it to me.”

I put my left hand on her neck, letting my other arm carry my weight as I hovered above her. “What did I tell you, Consuelo?”

She smiled at me and dragged the long nails of her free hand down my back. “Yes, Andrew. You’re in charge.” She dug her nails into my buttock. “Now, fuck me.”

I released her neck, pulled both her hands away and trapped her wrists over her head, the weight of my body pressing her against the mattress. Still holding her wrists with one hand, I gripped my staff with the other, positioned it and thrust hard, filling her until the head of my cock met the resistance of her womb. If Consuelo wanted to be fucked hard, I would happily fuck her unconscious.

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