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Readers' Circle Exclusive Extended Sample

Faking with the Jerk -
I ran a fever and had a check-up

The castle was nothing like my club in Fort Lauderdale— though that was nice in its own way. This felt like being invited to one of the fancy society parties I attended in Palm Beach, except everyone wore far more sexy attire.


Before I got to make any more trouble, though, a very tall and very handsome dark-haired man, dressed in a similar get-up as Luke, came to greet us. Luke introduced him as John Watson, a prominent plastic surgeon with a consulting office in Brickell. It was weird, but he didn’t really strike me as a doctor. He was more like an actor. I guess he looked a little like one of the Supermen—more like Henry Cavill than Christopher Reeve. I was immediately in lust with him, and the feeling seemed to be mutual. He scanned me with his eyes from top to bottom and it felt like being licked. My spine tingled pleasantly.

“What delicious treat have you brought us this evening, Luke?” John asked Lucas, while John’s gray eyes held mine hostage. “She’s perfection on legs. A veritable goddess.”

“Charlotte Taylor at your service, Sir,” I said, giving him a smile worthy of prime time television. Luke’s grip tightened around my waist and our hips knocked together. John chuckled.

“I’ve never known you to be so possessive, Luke,” John said, “but I can’t fault you for it.”

“Luke’s just worried that I’ll twist an ankle with these heels,” I teased. I wore a pair of black platform heels with steel stilettos that were very high, but they might as well be slippers compared to some of the footwear I wore on stage. “He’s just being silly. He knows I could easily dance in them.”

“Really?” John asked, intrigued. “Show me.”


Then John extended his hand, and I took it. He pulled me out of Lucas’ grip and twirled me around on the Persian carpet at the center of the great hall, my little lace skirt lifting with the motion and giving everyone present a very good look at my ass. The crowd made room for what quickly became a heated tango. A bubbly strawberry blonde, who greeted people as they entered the dungeon part of the castle, stopped checking guests on her list long enough to put on some appropriate music. Then she dili‐gently went back to her pink clipboard. We’d drawn a crowd as we danced, while Luke stood glaring. Though my focus was mostly on keeping up with my partner’s energetic pace, I felt a delicious chill each time my eyes glimpsed Lucas snarling.


“Any minute now, he’s going to pop,” John whispered in my ear, obviously noticing me looking at Luke. “Let’s give him a good reason.”

“You’re wicked,” I said, grinning.

“You have no idea, darling,” he said. “I’m the devil himself. Luke is too uptight. He needs to chill the fuck out.”

“How do you know each other?” I asked. “We’re all in the same racket,” John said. “What racket is that?”

“Making trouble for troublemakers,” he said. “You’re not a troublemaker, are you beautiful?”

“I’m a good girl,” I said. “Mostly.”

“You want to be a bad girl with me?” he asked, dipping me down to the floor and arching right over me.

“Yes, please,” I said, nearly breathless from his intensity. This was a Dom I could really have some fun with, I figured.

“Good,” he said, lifting me off the ground and pressing me against his chest, then gently kissing my lips. “Let’s go play doctor .”


Next thing I knew, we had stopped dancing and cut right through the line of guests waiting to enter the dungeon, heading straight to the hostess who simply waved us in with a wink and a perky, “Have fun, you two!”

Then we went right past the various scenes playing out on the ground floor and up a winding staircase to the third floor of the tower where there was a legit medical room all set up for all kinds of fun examinations. There was a privacy screen and a kit full of medical implements in a credenza with cabinets, a sink, and a large examining table with comfortable padding and stir‐ rups, a doctor’s desk and chairs, and a mirror that covered the whole of the ceiling.


“Wow, this is...”
I didn’t get to finish because Luke stormed in right behind us. “Hi,” I said.
“You want to watch, Luke?” John asked. “Or do you want to

join us?”
“I’ll just make myself comfortable,” he said, taking a seat on

what didn’t really look like a very comfortable plastic chair in the corner.

“Please yourself,” John said. “Now, the first thing we need to do is to take this baby’s temperature. I get the impression she’s running a little hot. Isn’t that right, baby doll?”

“I might have a bit of a fever, yes,” I said, jutting my lower lip out. It was easy to just get into character with John. He had a knack for it. He was very commanding in a subtle and playful way.


“Okay, baby, take off that pretty little dress, strip completely naked for me,” he said, pointing to the privacy screen, his tone firm.


I made a bit of a show of it, loosening the laces of my corset as I made my way behind the screen and setting my breasts free for Lucas to look at. Then I went back there only long enough to slip the dress off as well as my little thong and my heels, and I wiggled my way back on tip-toe to Doctor Watson, presenting myself to him with my hands clasped behind me and my breasts prominent. He smiled. “Get on your belly on the examining table, and Doctor Watson will figure out what’s ailing you.” As I turned to comply, John smacked my ass pretty hard. “Good jiggle factor for such a firm rear,” John noted. “My hand‐ print looks just right on that delectable flesh.”

“Don’t be mean,” I said, pouting before I hopped on the examining table, face up and spread my legs on the stirrups, opening them as wide as the stirrups would go, which gave both men a very good look at my pussy.

“Don’t be disobedient,” John said, sliding his fingers along my folds. “I’m not checking this first.” He pinched my clit. “I said get on your belly so I can check your temperature.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, clamping my legs shut around his hand before he could pull it back. Then squeezing him hard between my thighs before releasing him to turn over. I stretched like a cat to get into position with my butt up high and my hands gripping the head of the examining table.

John chuckled and left me like that as he walked over to the cabinet to pull the rectal thermometer out of a drawer, along with a tube of lubricant. When he returned, he spread my cheeks and dabbed my pucker with a little gel, which warmed up my skin.

“What’s in that?” I asked.

“A little extra stimulant,” he said, sticking the thermometer inside me. “Be a good girl now and stay put while the temperature registers.”

I tried, but Doctor Watson made it hard for me to comply by tickling the soles of my feet.

“Stop!” I said, holding back giggles.
“Just checking your reflexes,” Doctor Watson said.
“I’m pretty sure that’s not how you do it,” I said.
He smacked my ass. “Who is a doctor of medicine, and who

is a naughty little girl?”

“Sorry,” I said.

“Your Daddy should teach you to behave during your physical,” he said. “I think somebody needs a sound paddling.”

“I don’t have a Daddy,” I said.

“Really? A sweet Little like you, all on her own?” John turned to Lucas. “I thought she was your new playmate.”

Lucas didn’t answer.

“We’re just fake dating together,” I said. “It’s much better that way.”

“Oh boy,” John said, wiggling the thermometer around a bit. “I guess that makes you my responsibility.”

“No,” Lucas said. “She’s my responsibility, John. You’re just her playmate.”

“I’m not sure what you think you’re up to, Luke,” John said, “but I think it’s going to blow up in your face. This one is very high maintenance.”

“I am not!” I protested, for which I got another slap on the butt.

“Don’t lie, baby girl. The Doctor knows best.” John removed the thermometer from my rear and made a loud theatrical hmm sound.

“This thermometer seems to be defective,” he continued. “I think I’ll need to take your temperature the old-fashioned way. Do you have any objections, Lucas?”

“Please yourself,” Lucas said.

“You could help,” John said, “by taking her temperature orally. Would you like that, baby? Daddy could check your mouth while I check out this pretty little ass.”

I nodded, but before I had time to answer aloud, Lucas spoke up. “The ass would be mine, and I am not her Daddy.”

“Suit yourself,” Doctor Watson said. “I’d love to look at those absolutely perfect breasts while I check her throat.”

“She needs a spanking first,” Lucas said. “She’s been incredibly naughty. Haven’t you, Charlotte?”

“I don’t think you should be the one doing that,” John said, stroking my ass. “You seem pretty upset with her right now. Angry Daddies should never discipline their Little girls until they cool off. Charlotte, huh? That’s a pretty name. I’ll paddle naughty little Charlotte for you. Then I’ll check her temperature and you apply some healing cream.”

“Fine,” Lucas said.

“Okay, Daddy is going to hold your hands while you take your punishment. I’m going to fasten your legs so you don’t shift and hurt yourself,” Doctor Watson said. “Then we are both going to check you thoroughly and we’re going to make you feel all better. Does that sound good to you, baby?”

“Yes,” I said.


It sounded absolutely heavenly. Though I hadn’t planned on having sex with Lucas and still was pretty sure it was a terrible idea, I have to admit I was still pretty horny after our brief exchange at Saks and Doctor Watson’s attention had fired me up for something wicked.


Besides, I had come to play. This was obviously a different set of circumstances. I wasn’t working for him as his fake girlfriend. This was my free time. I could fuck whomever I wanted, even Lucas. Right? Anyway, my brain agreed with my pussy that was the case.

John pulled some padded belts out from under the corners of the examining table and fastened them around my ankles so that

I was splayed open on my knees. Lucas came around to stand in front of me, his bulging crotch right in my face as he wrapped his large hands around my wrists. I looked up at him, putting on an innocent, playful face. He looked ready to kill, his lip curling at the peak, which really got my juices flowing. John had gone back to the cabinet and brought back a large, black paddle brush, which made me hesitate for a moment. It looked like it could deliver quite a wallop, if Doctor Watson wanted.


I was really glad he hadn’t let Lucas use it. I wanted to sit through brunch and the wedding comfortably. Lucas looked annoyed enough with me to leave a mark. You have to admit that was a weird reaction, though. He had no real reason to be angry with me. We’d agreed ahead of time that I could play with others. Suddenly, he was acting all possessive. John was amused and more determined to get a rise out of him.

“Okay, little one, tell Doctor Watson what you did wrong,” he said, stroking my rear with the cold, shiny surface of the square black paddle brush.

“I don’t know,” I said, keeping my eyes on Lucas.

“Well, we know your Daddy thinks you’ve been naughty and I believe him,” he said. “I’d prescribe ten swats of the mean brush.”

“I’m not her Daddy,” Lucas repeated.

“For this examination and treatment, you are,” John said. “Don’t be cruel to the girl. She needs a Daddy with a firm hand who can give her clear rules to follow so she can feel secure. If you don’t plan to offer her that, then let me know. I might be interested in adoption.”

“You are nobody’s Daddy either,” Lucas said.

“For a gorgeous girl like Charlotte, I’d consider it,” John said, running his fingers along my folds and then dipping them into my channel. I wiggled my butt to let him know I appreciated his attention and wanted more of it. “Okay, baby, Doctor Watson is going to spank you now. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said. I was pretty sure I was, but I did not know just how sharp the smack would be, reaching all the way through my muscles and sending an electric shock right to my toes.

“Ow-ow!” I whimpered. “That was really hard.”

“We need the medicine to be strong,” Doctor Watson said. “It does no good for you to only get a fun spanking when you’ve obviously made your Daddy extremely angry with you.”

“He’s not my Daddy!”


Doctor Watson responded by swatting my other back cheek equally hard and then returning to the first cheek he had swat‐ ted, and alternating between them twice more in quick succession.


“Ow!” I cried. “You’re mean!”

“And you are very naughty, teasing your Daddy the way you do,”

Doctor Watson said, his voice firm and calm. “Just look at him. He’s ready to blow up. He is dying to put his cock deep inside you, and I bet you haven’t let him. Have you?”

“No,” I said, still looking at Lucas, whose face had turned to stone, fixed on that sexy Spartan expression.


Four more swift swats alternated on my back cheeks, and I felt my eyes tearing. The Doctor sure knew how to dish out his medicine. “Naughty minx,” Doctor Watson said, setting down the brush and digging his fingers into my flesh, massaging my punished bottom, which intensified the sting but also felt fantastic. “You shouldn’t tease your Daddy like that.”

“I’m not her—” “He’s not my—” Lucas and I both said at the same time, both concluding with: “Daddy!”

“You two are a treasure,” John said, coming around to stand next to Lucas. “Now, let me check that delicate little throat. Do you want to check the other end, Luke?”


Luke shook his head and for a moment I thought he meant ‘no’, but then he took his position behind me. John unfastened the laces of his black leather pants and released an impressive erection with a glistening pink tip, which I licked right away to

gather the pre-cum.


“Eager for your test, little one?” he said, smiling and running his fingers through my hair. I nodded. Very few people called me little, even during a scene—because I’m not at all tiny—but it felt so nice when John said it. “This thermometer is very accurate, but also hard to swallow. Are you sure you’re up to it?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said.

“Okay, open wide and let the Doctor fuck your pretty little mouth.”


John grabbed my hair, not too hard, and guided my head as I took in the full length of him, until his tip reached deep, and then he began pumping as my lips stretched to caress him and my tongue stroked the veins of his shaft. I tried to focus only on swallowing John, but I couldn’t help noticing the lack of action behind me. I was disappointed, and a bit hurt Lucas had decided not to play after all. It surprised me when I finally felt a tongue lathering my folds and teasing my clit. I had expected him to fuck me, though, and he didn’t. Instead, he went right on licking my pussy and sucking on my clit until I came into his mouth. My moan choked on John’s cock as the Doctor pumped my throat, nearing his own conclusion. I still felt the reverberations of the orgasm between my legs as both men came, John warming my throat with his salty seed and Luke stroking himself to come and coat my punished pink ass, spreading his semen around my back cheeks and smacking my rump.


“Do you feel better now, baby girl?” John asked as he wiped slobber off my lips with a gentle stroke of his large thumb.

“Yes, thank you,” I said, though honestly, I would have liked Lucas to do more than come on my backside. I couldn’t really complain. He had mad skills with his tongue. I told myself it was for the best. We really had done plenty, considering we weren’t supposed to do anything at all.

“How about you, man?” John asked Lucas. “Are you still angry with your girl for being a cocktease, or do you forgive her now?”

“She’s not my girl,” Lucas said. “I don’t care what she does.”

John laughed a rich, full laugh. “Oh, boy, you’re in trouble,” John said. He wasn’t talking to me. “Do you think we could go to the meet now and leave this little one to enjoy the party on her own?”

“Sure,” Lucas said.
“What meet?” I asked. “I thought this was just a party.”

“None of your business,” Lucas said, smacking my ass again

before unfastening the belts around my legs. “Go down and mingle. Do whatever you like. I’ll find you when it’s time to go.”


“Okay,” I said, because, honestly, I sensed I was better off not knowing. But it made me wonder about this club of his and about what Doctor Watson did when he wasn’t in surgery. I jumped off the examining table and snuck behind the privacy screen to put my dress back on, then checked myself in the mirror on the wall by the medical cabinet, rinsing my face and cleaning up my smeared makeup. I didn’t have a bag with me for a touch-up. I had left everything in my overnight duffle in Lucas’ car.


“Do you think the valet could bring your car around so I can get something out of my bag?” I asked Lucas. “I need to powder my nose.”

“No cocaine,” he said. “Ever. No more alcohol tonight, either. You had your one glass of champagne.”

“I didn’t mean that,” I said. “Geez! What would make you think I want coke?”

“I thought all you girls were hooked on it,” he said.

“Well, you thought wrong! I mean, some snort coke, and some crush Adderall, or take other supplements, but I never use any drugs,” I said. “It’s a thing with me. I keep clean. I’m an athlete. I’ve got a degree to finish.”

“See? She’s a good girl,” John said. “You shouldn’t be so hard on her.”

“So what do you mean by powder your nose?” Lucas asked me.

“Face powder! And fresh lipstick. I look messy. I never like to look messy.”

“And she’s a tidy little girl,” John noted. “She’s practically perfect in every way. I think I’ll call her Poppins. Would you like that, baby? Would you like Doctor Watson to make you his Poppins?”

“She will not be your anything,” Lucas barked.

“That’s really up to the young lady, Luke,” John said. “She’s free as a bird, right? A sweet, delightful, perfect little bird of paradise.”

“Stop, John,” Lucas said. “It won’t work.”

“This seems like a thing between you two and I don’t need to be here for it,” I said. “Can I just get the valet ticket so I can grab my make-up bag?”

“We have a dressing room full of nice things for pretty girls at the top of the tower,” John said. “You’ll find fresh make-up there. It’s very good for your skin and you can keep what you use. Before you go...” John went around to the Doctor’s desk and grabbed something from a drawer, which he presented to me with a smile on his face. “Good girls get lollypops.”

“Thanks, Doc,” I said, taking the lollypop and tucking it into my cheek. “Ooh, I love strawberry.”

“I’ll keep that in mind for the future,” John said with a wink.

Then I left the two men alone, steaming, and made my way up the winding stairs to find the dressing room.

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