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WriterSpace and Readers' Circle Contest Winners Announced!

The Billionaire Spy Series is moving at a rapid, heart-wrenching, toe-curling, sigh-eliciting, moan-provoking, good-heavens-above clip!

Blushing Books will release Book 2 in January 2021.

Book 3 has now progressed from WIP to author-edit! (Yay!!) Then, it's on to submission. (oooooh, num-num)

To celebrate these accomplishments, I've run a couple of contests on WriterSpace, and Instagram.

Congratulations to the lucky winners!

  • WriterSpace $10 Amazon Gift Card Winner, Mary McCoy

  • WriterSpace FREE Secrets and Seduction E-Book Winner, Sherry Haut

  • Instagram Readers' Circle $10 Amazon Gift Card Winner, Renee Gilliam

There are STILL TWO MORE CHANCES TO WIN PRIZES through December 18!

See my Instagram post for details.

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