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What is PNR? Will I like it? Plus:The Goods On Paranormal Romance for Adults (with Possessive Males)

PNR is an acronymn for Paranormal Romance, which differs from the broader Paranormal fiction genre because it first focuses on romance as the story arc, with HEA (Happily Ever After) or at least HFN (Happy for Now). But there are different types of PNR to suit reader preferences.

First let's clear up one big question: What is the difference between Paranormal Romance and Fantasy?

Fantasy, fantasy romances and paranormal romances are different genres, though they all rely on elements of magic in their world building. Traditional fantasy stories have "Middle Earth"-like settings, as inspired by The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Their core mythology may revolve around beings like elves, fairies, orcs, etc. They are primarily adventure sagas.

Fantasy romances may also use these types of characters. They could be based in the modern world or a mythical world. There are some very creative authors doing amazing things with the fantasy romance genre, including various stories of falling in love with fae.

Paranormal romances, on the other hand, mostly rely on a separate mythology and different sorts of magic. You will find a lot of shifters in this genre, vampires, witches, ghosts, etc. Many are set in some magic-infused version of the present world, with a twist.

One of my personal favorite paranormal series is the Sookie Stackhouse series, which is technically not a romance. It is more of a cozy mystery series, but there's enough heat with Bill and *fans self* Eric and Alcide there to cross the genre line a bit.

Another huge Paranormal favorite is pretty much anything my constant inspiration Anne Rice (aka A.N. Roquelaure) ever wrote. (Yes, this is an Anne Rice stan account).

What is Paranormal Romance for Adults?

This is what I write. My romance stories (PNR or Contemporary) are not YA (Young Adult) stories. They are explicit, steamy romances with graphic scenes, no closed doors. If you're under 18, wait a few more years to read them. There are many, many YA PNR romance stories, like the popular Crave series featuring young adult characters and YA premises, scenes and content.

There are also adult paranormal romances out there that are light and frothy, with no explicit sex, but my books are high-heat, spicy and feature possessive males.

When it comes to magical worldbuilding for my Everlasting Springs series, I decided to have a bit of a free for all. The main stories revolve around paranormal wolf shifters and vampires, but this magical town in Florida is a magical magnet. You'll find a little bit of everything living there, from deities to elves, fae, sirens, a unicorn, plus all sorts of shifters. One of my characters in the The Wolf's Flame asked: "Are there gorilla shifters?" to which another character replied. "I don't know. Maybe?" There are definitely myriad-shifters in this world, a term I pulled out of my hat for shifters who can become anything.

Genre lines aside, my imagination has a huge sign on her: "Don't fence me in!"

I just let her have whatever she wants and I find the results frequently amusing.

I hope readers feel the same.

What are some of your favorite PNR Books? Share them in the comments!

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