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Trips, Traps and Tangos

Pride and Punishment, Billionaire Spy #3 — Coming in April

Book Three is almost here, bringing plenty of drama and a very wild ride as Will and Mariana are tossed by a cyclone of trouble into many far-flung places. As we prepare for the release, I'm sharing a few "insider secrets" with those of you who follow the blog.

One of the more touching scenes (for me) is their last tango in Nice during a masque ball, just before a terrible betrayal.

As I was writing this book, I knew right away which tango Will would choose for the band to play, knowing Mariana would understand its significance for the two of them.

I chose Por una Cabeza—By a Head—by Carlos Gardel because it tears my heart out and stomps on it. It was also very fitting to the plot as we experience, high-stakes gambling, heartbreak, death, blood, vomit, and a hell of a 'slay' ride with Santa. (Prepare for a rollercoaster ride on roller skates.)

Enjoy the tune with a little visualisation in a scene from one of my favorite films: Easy Virtue

Here are the lyrics (translated by yours truly):

Por Una Cabeza By a head

Carlos Gardel lyrics by Alfredo Le Pera

Por una cabeza By a head

De un noble potrillo Of a noble foal

Que justo en la raya Which just on the line

Afloja al llegar Slows on arrival

Y que al regresar And which returning

Parece decir Seems to say

No olvidés, hermano Don't forget, brother

Vos sabés, no hay que jugar You know, you don't have to play.

Por una cabeza By a head

Metejón de un día The violent love of a day

De aquella coqueta Of that flirt

Y risueña mujer That smiling woman

Que al jurar sonriendo Who swears with a smile

El amor que está mintiendo The love that lies

Quema en una hoguera Who burns in the bonfire

Todo mi querer All my love

Por una cabeza By a head

Todas las locuras All the madness

Su boca que besa Of her mouth that kisses

Borra la tristeza Erases sadness

Calma la amargura Calms bitterness

Por una cabeza By a head

Si ella me olvida If she forgets me

Qué importa perderme What does it matter to lose

Mil veces la vida My life a thousand times

¿Para qué vivir? Why live?

Cuantos desengaños How many disappointments

Por una cabeza By a head

Yo juré mil veces I swore a thousand times

No vuelvo a insistir I won't insist again

Pero si un mirar But if one glance

Me hiere al pasar Injures me in passing

Su boca de fuego Her fiery mouth

Otra vez quiero besar I want to kiss again

Basta de carreras Enough of races

Se acabó la timba The shell game is over

¡Un final reñido A hard-fought ending

Yo no vuelvo a ver! I won't see again!

Pero si algún pingo But if some good horse

Llega a ser fija el domingo Is set for Sunday

Yo me juego entero I will play myself whole

¡Qué le voy a hacer! What else can I do!

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