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The Unkindness-Book Four May 21 (and Seventh Heck)

Just a quick update on all things Billionaire Spy Series (so far)

Two words from a killer will wreck her: Baby Girl

The Unkindness, Book Four of the Billionaire Spy Series (Charlie's Hawks) releases May 21. This is a spark in the dark, what I prefer to think of as Edgy Romance. It certainly contains some very dark scenes, edgy BDSM play, a number of possible triggers and a collection of gruesome murders. But this isn't a story of crows. It is a story of ravens. I chose the title based on an unkindness, which is the collective noun for ravens.

In Book Four, we take a step back in time to Will and Mariana's first wedding and we find out what happened between the Billionaire killer—former special forces ranger Charlie Green (learn his real name in this book)—and our Dittybopper—natural code cracker Sandy Fine.

These two beautiful people are broken and have glued themselves back together through hardship and pain. Their shards fit nicely together. In each other, they instantly recognize the affinity which can only be felt between a Master and slave, but they do their best to fight that urge. For a while, anyway.

When they do come together, they open up each other's wounds and draw blood, but they also recover their natures as Daddy and Baby Girl. This book contains probably the WORST MARRIAGE PROPOSAL IN HISTORY. And we have an HEA, for our (top secret for now) Mr. and Mrs. Bondage.

The Unkindness is intense, and it utterly wrecked me to write it. I still sob at certain parts when I re-read it, but it also has the characteristic (sometimes inappropriate) humor readers have come to expect from my books, and there is PLENTY of steam. These two are so hot they char.

You will see cameos from familiar characters, get to know a few characters much better and also meet new, fascinating members of the Billionaire Spy world who truly sparkle in the dark. We join ravens of The Unkindness — the private BDSM gathering that Charlie founded with his friend Morrígan (The Dark Lady) — at nowhere nevermore events. We also visit the No Name BDSM club (as in I've been through the desert on a horse with no name) and meet Mistress Lynx and her very dishy collective of Doms. (I melt for these men.)

These characters have more roles to play in the next two dark (edgy) Books Five and Six which will come out in July and August.

These aren't covers—the cover will be revealed later. They are teaser posters. Yes, there's shibari and so much more.


I've finished Book Seven! Yay! Finally! This one is the Seventh Heck "No seriously, no more drama, no more revelations, please!" Book. There are plenty of complications (WAR—huh, good God, y'all. What is it good for?) in Will and Mariana's life, high stakes, blood and betrayals (hint).

Eagles and Hawks come together to prepare for war, and Mariana finally gets what she really wants—R-E-S-P-E-C-T—but it comes at a steep price. In this book, we travel from New York and Connecticut to California, Scotland, Wales and Fiji. It's not the end, only a fresh beginning.

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