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Something Wicked Coming Soon!

I like bad boys and I cannot lie...

I am so excited to share news with you this week of a new wicked series which will debut in October. I finished the first book in a fever pitch of writing at the beginning of May and it has already been accepted by my publisher at Blushing Books, with a planned release in October of this year. Yay!

I'll share more details later, but this series will be a special collection of independent muy, muy caliente love stories all with a common theme (wicked, naughty, evil, majadero, jilipollas bad boys) and a common setting—a place where I lived for many years: M-I-A-M-I (or Miamuh, if you're from there old-school).

Book One in this new wicked series takes your grandmother's pirate, tosses him right over the bow, and starts from scratch with a dark knight who is all hard hands, hard muscles, hard stares and well... Ay, Dios mío.

Of course, you know bad dudes have to be paired with feisty, fiery women and my leading ladies are not taking any nonsense from these jerks.

I'm already half-way through book two and it is dark, edgy and sinfully esquisito.

Taking reader comments into account—I do listen—I am writing all of the books in this series as first person "confessionals" from our leading ladies' POV. This means I am currently living my life as several women, which is so much fun!

The Billionaire Spy Series is still ongoing, of course! (I can multi-task!) Book Seven was also accepted this month and I am happy to announce that it will release in September. It is a mega-drama book, with lots of adventures for Will, Mariana and their large complement of allies and enemies. Much edgy sexiness ensues.

Plus, I'll be starting on The Billionaire Spy Series Book Eight next month! Like, The Unkindness (Book 4) which releases next week, and Books 5 and 6 (coming in July and August), Book 8 will be an independent love story involving characters in the Billionaire Spy world whom you already know and will get to know much better.

There is lots more excitement and sexiness planned, but I need your support to make it happen.

If you enjoy these stories, please recommend them to a few friends in person and on social media, rate and review them on Amazon, talk them up on Goodreads, rate them on Book Bub add them to your book club schedule, ask your local library to add Secrets and Seduction Billionaire Spy One (which is available in paperback) to their collection.

Most importantly, keep writing me! I love hearing from you and I welcome your suggestions and opinions. I can tell you, honestly, this is sometimes lonely work and I can get lost under a cloud of self-doubt from time-to-time, but a reader comment will always bring out the sunshine and get my fingers burning up my keyboard.

(Side note: that actually happened this month. I literally burned my keyboard writing all the books so far and lost several important letters including: 'a, e, s, t.' Those keys just gave up the ghost. It's okay. I got a new one so I'm still at it.)

Bottom line: I may have my own plans to draft, and loads of ideas, but reader messages mean a lot.

At the end of the day, I write for your pleasure!

Oh, and applications are still open for my Street Team and ARC/BETA Team... so you, know. Do your thang.


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