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Six Books In and Going Strong...

Who would have thunk it?

Last July, I finally gave myself the kick in the pants I needed to submit a story I had languishing in WIPs for a decade to my publisher Blushing Books. Their acceptance of the book changed literally everything, encouraging me to push forward with the characters I had grown to love so very much.

This week, I submitted the sixth book in the Billionaire Spy Series to my publishers for their review.🍾 🎉

Billionaire Spy Book Three, Pride and Punishment, will release in April. Keep an eye out for cover reveal and other exciting announcements!

Books four and five have already been approved by the publisher and are in process of publication to be released in May and July.

Readers are in for a big surprise with Books Four, Five and Six.

They are a spark in the dark and focus on the stories of our L.A. killers—Charlie Green (Will's best friend) and his Hawks.

Charlie has always been one of my favorite characters because he is deceptively deep. This former special-forces army ranger, who runs his own private special ops forces, is a killer. He is a complex and hard man, with a really dark backstory, who only plays the clown to put people at ease. You'll see more of that come to light in Book Three.

As readers of the series already know, he and Mariana's right-hand, the beautiful blond Sandy Fine, meet at Will and Mariana's rush wedding. Sandy is also a deceptive character, seemingly a light, sunny Santa Monica girl, she has a very dark backstory of her own.

Waaah! I love them so much!

Not even Will and Mariana know exactly what is going on with those two, and it's a running joke that Charlie has to work his way through the phone book before he settles down with any one woman.

Well, dear readers, prepare to be blown away. I can honestly say that Book Four, which focuses on Charlie and Sandy's relationship, utterly wrecked me. I got so emotional writing it! I still get emotional just thinking about it. This is me:

When I first saw Romancing the Stone, I was only 15 years old. Right then, I said, 'Yeah, I want to be Joan Wilder'. As it turned out, I got into the adventures of life and put off the creative writing for a bit longer than I first imagined. Today, I celebrate finally living in my stories, and crying on my keyboard. It's the writer's life from here on!

Six books in around seven months, and still going... Who would have thunk it?

(Yeah, this is pretty much me.)

Book Seven went into WIP yesterday and it's a heartbreaker, with a dramatic ending that brings all the key players of the Billionaire Spy world and their secret societies together.

Enough teasers. Back to work...

To keep it all going, I need your support.

Please, read, review, and tell your friends if you like the books. If you don't, you can tell your enemies (just kidding).

If you'd really like to get involved in the success of the Billionaire Spy Series, apply to join my Street Team for lots of fun, excitement, fellowship and prizes!


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