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It's a Hot Summer Full of Sizzling Reads

Great news! We get to be bad sooner! Oh, and SALE!

In time for beach bonfire season, THE CAULDRON: BILLIONAIRE SPY 5 kicks off the summer with its release on Friday, July 2. Follow the fiery love story of Angel Fleming and Marisol Gutierrez Llamas.

Oh, goodie-goodie, bad boys!

My publishers at Blushing Books will now release the new Jerks of Miami Series earlier, starting August 19.

Keeping with the intense heat and strong storms of Miami in August, the first book in this series VENGAGED to the Jerk is full of lightning and thunder. It takes enemies to lovers to fresh level and re-defines pirates as you thought you knew them. This contemporary romance is an engagement in vengeance, a marriage of inconvenience. A bully and his victim are brought together by need, desire, and deception.

All the Jerks of Miami books are intimate "confessionals" told by our feisty heroines, describing the challenges and pleasures of taming (and being tamed by) their beasts. Each story stands alone, but combined they paint a full picture of life and love in South Florida. These are Spanglish books, written by a Spanglish author, with diverse characters, intended to appeal to everyone who loves a nice hot romp. Some are light and frothy, others are edgy, and some are quite dark including some serious triggers. They are new adult stories, with younger protagonists, detailing the first discovery of love between the unlikeliest mates. They are also quick, enjoyable reads with a guaranteed HEA.

The Billionaire Spy Series Continues

We wrap-up the hot summer season with an intense, dark Billionaire Spy Series menage. THE WATCH, Billionaire Spy Series 6 will now be released on September 22. Those of you who have read THE UNKINDNESS, Billionaire Spy Series 4 and wondered what ever became of the rose girl, you'll find your answer in this book.

If you haven't read THE UNKINDNESS yet, you may want to add it to your list of very hot summer reads.

As the fine ladies at Love, Lust and Bloody Good Books put it:

"This story is full of passion and heat and OMG those sex scenes were like nothing I have read before. You feel like you are a part of the scenes unfolding and are gripped into every single facet of their story. This book is HOTT and just WOW at times. I absolutely did not want this book to end."

Other reviewers loved it too. Here's what some of them had to say:

  • "This should get 10☆ I'm new to this series and already obsessed. I was totally impressed by the depth and scope of this book...I can't get enough of Cailean/Charlie...This series is my new addiction ♡♡" — Goodreads Reviewer

  • "Lots of action, lots of steam, and lots of violence...It's also very witty and filled with that camaraderie that only men who have been friends forever can have. A great read." — Goodreads Reviewer

  • "It blew my mind! ... So much drama, intrigue, suspense and the chemistry was so, so, steamy. I love the trust Sandy had in Cailean and how he took care of her physically and emotionally. A beautiful read that captivated me right to the end." — Goodreads Reviewer

  • "Filled with loads of drama, suspense, steam and emotion. Great characters with lots of depth and intense chemistry." — Goodreads Reviewer

  • "They struggle with intimacy and emotional connection just like everyone does. Though dark, there was connection and action and humor. An enjoyable read but if dark romance/BDSM isn't your cup of tea, this book isn't for you." — Goodreads Reviewer

Oh, and SALE!

To celebrate the upcoming release of THE CAULDRON, BILLIONAIRE SPY 4, the first book in this passion rollercoaster ride of a series (Secrets and Seduction) is now available on Kindle Unlimited and ON SALE for 99¢.

Treat yourself to this amuse bouche of a sexy book as you begin your summer sizzle feast!

¡Hasta pronto!

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