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Cover Reveal: Codes and Consequences, Billionaire Spy Series Two

It's (almost) here!

Will and Mariana's second great adventure releases January 26!

Will the international spy be able to keep his own wife safe from herself?

The last thing Will needs on his list of things to worry about is a willful wife who has decided to practice the arts of espionage without a license. Mariana swiftly lands herself in hot water. If she’s not careful, she’ll wind up in grave danger. Their love goes through trials by fire as these newlyweds test each other’s limits. Mariana insists on holding her ground. Will is set on being in command. For her own good, and his peace of mind, he will get Mariana to obey.

Keep an eye out for the announcement when pre-orders become available!

Now is a great time to catch up on Book One.

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